Chinese Cover Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Entertainment Localization

Create localized songs in audio or video format for Chinese children and families

Creating Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Entertainment Content

Children today consume content differently. In the age of tablets and smartphones, it is possible for toddlers as young as 2 or 3 to make decisions about what they want to watch. This has led to a massive increase in the consumption of videos for children.

Four of the top ten most-subscribed channels on YouTube are for children as of the summer of 2021. Four of the top ten most-watched videos are for children. “Baby Shark,” a nursery rhyme, is on track to become the first video to be watched more than 10 billion times.

The market for Chinese children’s entertainment is growing. Giants in children’s entertainment, such as MoonBug - the owners of the second-largest youtube channel in the world - have invested heavily in the Chinese market and are reporting strong growth. Chinese parents also invest heavily in their children, spending 30-50% of their income on their sons and daughters.

What is Localization?

Language localization is the process of translating a piece of content in a manner that is sensitive to the culture of your target audience. Localization is particularly needed for content like nursery rhymes and children’s programming, as the content needs to be accessible to young children. The translated songs, dialog, or narration would capture both the meaning and emotion of the original content.

DingTech’s Professional Children’s Entertainment Translation and Localization Services

DingTech are experts in localization and voice-over, with over 13 years of experience in the industry. We help businesses of all sizes market their products to an international audience. Our teams are passionate about quality and work with clients to meet their needs.

We are specialists in Chinese multimedia content, including animation and commercials. We have a wide range of native-speaking voice actors, including several singers who can perform nursery rhymes. Our voice talent works with a team of translators, songwriters, and editors to produce engaging children’s entertainment content. DingTech is a world leader in creating localized children’s content for the Chinese market.

Trusted by Global and Regional Brands and Businesses

Our Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Entertainment Localization Process

Our team of linguists, songwriters, voice talent, and editors work together to produce high-quality localized content for Chines children. Here is our process:

1. Script Preparation

Our team of translators and songwriters watch or listen to your content to understand the material. They then review the script and annotate it as needed. In cases where no script is available, we prepare an accurate transcription of your media.

2. Translation & Localization

Native translators work with musicians to localize your script, ensuring quality and accuracy while preserving the tone and mood of your content. Special care is taken to make sure the script is appropriate for children.

3. Script Editing

Before recording, each script must be reviewed and proofread by a trained editor. These editors ensure the script is accurate, fluent, and consistent.

4. Recording

After selecting the right talent for your project, we start recording in our professional studios. Our voice artists and singers work with a talented director and production staff to produce engaging, impactful content for children.

5. Post-Production

Skilled sound editors and expert engineers edit and mix the tracks to ensure the audio quality is flawless and the audio tracks are synchronized with your video content. They can produce content in your preferred file format.

Our Voice Talent & Singer

We are proud to work with over 800+ experienced voice actors, including dozens of singers experienced in performing nursery rhymes. Our diverse roster allows us to find the perfect talent for any role. We work with our clients to select actors for each project to ensure we support your creative vision.

Our Production Partners - Emei Film Studio

DingTech works with Emei Film Studio to assist in producing multimedia projects. Emei Film Studio has been making films in China for over 40 years. They provide exceptional technical and creative talent to enhance the quality of our localized video content.

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