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Effective and custom eLearning translation services to revolutionize your educational content.

WHY e-learning localization is important?

eLearning has opened up infinite opportunities for people from all over the world to improve personally and grow professionally.

Companies now have an opportunity to grow their businesses and dramatically increase their revenue.

Thanks to eLearning translation, everyone can harness and maximize these opportunities.

eLearning Translation

Our mission is bold: provide personalized, relevant, and more engaging learning experiences for people regardless of their native language, culture, or background.

If you are an online eLearning provider, why set limitations on your online course and provide it in just one language? Why not expand its reach and offer it to people worldwide?

If you are a corporation offering training programs for its employees overseas, you can’t mistake English for the default language! Only 20% of the world speaks English, including both native and non-native English speakers! There is still 80% out there who cannot use your online courses and won’t benefit from your training resources.

Expand the reach of your eLearning courses and training and maximize their impact!

How Dingtech eLearning Translation Services
are Unlike any Other!

Dingtech has handled eLearning translation projects of different scopes. Our industry experience and success in managing an array of projects have allowed us to appreciate the challenges and requirements of the industry.






Our e-Learning Localization Process

Dingtech understand the unique specifications of our customers so we can deliver according to their standards.

1. Analysis & Scope

Client Source Filr Analysis;
Project Content Segmentation;
Scope Confirmation with the Client;
Preparation for Translation

2. Project Kick Off

Translation & Localization;
Post-Translation Engineering;
Image Localization;
Audio/Video Integration;
Timeline Adjustment;
Subtitle Integration

3. Project Revision & Testing

Linguistic Review;
Layout QA;
Function Testing

4. Project Delivery

Delivery of Beta Version; Client Comments/Updates Client Comments Verification and Implementation Final Delivery

eLearning Translation – Benefits for Your Business

eLearning translation services allow your courses and training programs to be available for people all over the world. This means the world to your customers but strengthens your business.

Everyone learns most effectively in their native language. Employees and students can retain information more efficiently when it is translated. High-quality materials help learners feel valued, motivated, and engaged, leading to higher productivity and better relationships. For your business, this means:

  • A Greater Engaged Audience
  • Maximum Impact
  • A Positive Brand Image
  • A Significant Increase in ROI

Dingtech eLearning Translation Services -
Helping Every Learner to Achieve their Potential

The essence of eLearning translation is to allow your audience to learn anytime, anywhere, and in their own language. This makes it our responsibility as a professional translation service provider to offer customized, smart, and accurate multilingual content. Content that can be conveniently displayed on any software or any device.


Dingtech offers multiple services for your eLearning content, leveraging technology to achieve quality, accuracy, and consistency. You can use all or part of our services. If you need extra here, we offer advice and support in choosing the services that pertain to your project needs.


Dingtech relies on locally-based native-speaking translation professionals and subject-matter experts. They team up with seasoned engineers and designers to provide excellent quality and cost-effective eLearning translation solutions.

Trusted by Global and Regional Brands and Businesses

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