20 essential tips to reach more audiences for your YouTube channel



YouTube has become a powerful platform for entertainment. More people are starting up their own channels, so there is more competition. However, if you follow these methods closely, you will gain more viewership and ad revenue.

1) Optimize your videos with an eye-catching title – Make sure that the name of your video looks good when it appears in search results. You don’t want a title that doesn’t make sense or is too generic. If it doesn’t exactly spell out what your video is about, you can include keywords for viewers to be able to find your content more accessible.

2) Use relevant tags – Add your main keywords as tags for your video and add other search terms related to it. This will allow viewers who are searching for those words to find you as well. Don’t overload yourself with irrelevant tags, however! Keep it to a minimum, and make sure that what you add is relevant. Also, keep in mind that while some tags might be searched for often, they may not match the content of your video.

3) Include a transcript – You can include a transcript below your video or on its own page. If there are words in your video that might be hard to hear, add captions. Once you do this, you will gain more accessibility and views. This also applies to videos that are in another language or meant for an international audience.

4) Use annotations and links – Annotations and links/annotations in the description can help viewers reach your other content on YouTube. Remember, the idea is to gain more views. When you upload new content or link your other videos in annotations, viewers who are already watching are more likely to watch your other videos as well.

5) Promote your channel – Make sure that you promote your channel everywhere! Put it on social media, include it in the description of each video, and link to it from other social media sites. Gain as much exposure as you can!

6) Connect with other YouTubers – When collaborating with another channel, this will bring in more viewers to both channels. This is a great way to expand your audience! If you haven’t already, look for people who have similar content to yours.

7) Be consistent with your content – This is important for gaining views and subscribers. People will want to subscribe to channels that consistently upload videos they are interested in. You can also come up with a schedule, so viewers know when you will be uploading new content!

8) Promote your videos – You need to promote your videos in order for them to gain attention. There are many places that you can upload your content, so just do it everywhere! Be sure to include the link to your channel in all the promotional material.

9) Don’t give up too early – If you put out a video and it doesn’t gain as much attention as you had hoped, keep going! You might want to try a different approach. If the content itself isn’t good enough, why would anyone watch? Improve your videos so they will generate more views.

10) Be yourself – While many people have found success in being professional and serious about their videos, this isn’t the only way to succeed. If you want your videos to become more popular, it might be a good idea to let people see who you really are. Be yourself!

11) Keep comments open – While there may be some trolls and nasty comments on the internet, allowing people to comment can help gain views and subscribers! People tend to comment on videos that will enable them to, so let them! On the other hand, you can always turn off or delete comments if they become too out of control.

12) Use social media – Interacting with your viewers through social media is a great way to gain more views and subscribers. People tend to share content that their friends might enjoy, so if you get people to like and share your content, it will make others want to watch it!

13) Keep your language clean – Some people might be okay with swearing in their videos, and it is not affecting them, but others will find that this turns viewers away. It all depends on the type of content and who you are playing to, so just keep it in mind.

14) Be willing to experiment – What worked for someone else might not work for you and vice versa. While many people have found success with uploading on certain days/times, this might not always be the best plan. Experiment with different videos, video length, content, etc., in order to decide what works best for you!

15) Ask viewers what they want to see – This is an excellent way to gain more views. If you ask people what kind of videos they would like to see, more of them might watch your videos.

16) Don’t use spamming as an advertising strategy – Spamming can be defined as flooding the internet with junk/useless or irrelevant information. Many people try to use this as a way to promote their videos and gain views, but it doesn’t work! Spamming is annoying and will most likely turn your viewers away.

17) Try not to ‘sell’ too much – Some YouTubers might talk about specific products that they like and often include a link to a website where a viewer can buy the product. While this may help increase views, some viewers might find it distracting or annoying. There is no set rule on how much you should advertise your products, so just keep it in mind while you are making videos.

18) Create an appealing thumbnail – If you want more people to watch your video, you might need to create a good thumbnail! Thumbnails come up in searches, so this can be important. Avoid generic thumbnails and try to make something unique and exciting!

19) Go viral – Going viral is having your video shared extensively by viewers, other websites, etc. While gaining views takes time and effort, going viral can be a bit of luck. You can only hope that your video will go viral, but you can’t make it happen. If you want to go viral, though, try uploading videos with click-bait titles or controversial topics!

20) Have fun – This is last for a reason. While trying to gain views is essential, it won’t become famous if you aren’t having fun with your channel. People would much rather watch the fun and light-hearted video than a boring tutorial or political severe rant. Have fun with your videos!

The Bottom Line

If you want to be successful on YouTube, it is crucial that you have a plan. You can’t just upload videos and hope for the best! By following these 20 tips, your channel will become more popular. While you can’t expect to become a celebrity within one year, you will start to see success if you follow these tips and work hard. Remember that the viewers are the ones who determine your success on YouTube! If they like what they see, then you could end up becoming famous!

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