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Why are Transcription Services Necessary?

Transcription is the process of converting speech (in an audio or video file) into a written document, producing what is referred to as transcripts.

Transcription services have long been a mandatory requirement, especially for people and businesses in the legal and medical fields. Today, transcription services have expanded to include a broader range of industry sectors such as advertising and eLearning, allowing everyone to boost the value of their content.

By adding transcripts and captions to your advertising and eLearning audio and video materials, you are doing your audiences a favor while strengthening your business.

Transcriptions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines such as Google use advanced algorithms to find websites that are relevant to a search term. Unfortunately, search engines focus on written text, so audio and video content are primarily invisible to search engines. By adding a transcript of your audio and video content to your website, you can significantly improve your SEO performance.

What Makes Dingtech Different?


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DingTech’s Professional Transcription Services

Dingtech makes it easy for you to get a full range of transcription services in one place – that you can trust for quality and confidentiality.

With our data protection, confidentiality policies, and NDAs, you will guarantee that your data remain safe and secure.

  • Audio & Video Transcription Services
  • Video Captioning Services
  • Translation Services
  • Subtitling Services

Dingtech Transcription Process

Our teams are native, experienced transcriptionists who are fluent in various accents. They are linguistic masters and are subject matter experts in a range of fields. Their extraordinary listening skills and great attention to detail bring the authenticity of the spoken language into readable, fluent, and complete text. This will save you the risk of inaccuracies, misinterpretations, and critical mistakes.

1. Pre-Audio Transcription

We assess the audio or video file, identifying the subject matter, number of speakers, etc.
We check all our tools and equipment to ensure they are up-to-date and fully operational.

2. Audio-To-Text

Our experienced native transcriptionists listen, pause, transcribe and repeat until the content is complete.

3. Adding Timestamps

We place timestamps with the frequency you request to improve the readability of the transcripts.

4. Adding Subtitles and Proofreading

Adding subtitles is an optional step that you may or may not request,
based on the requirements of your project.
We edit and proofread to detect any mistakes or inconsistencies in wording, homophones, grammar, spelling and typos, punctuation, structure, etc.

5. Post-Transcription: Quality Checks

The final step of audio transcription validates
the accuracy of both content and format of the transcripts.

Trusted by Global and Regional Brands and Businesses

100% Human Transcriptions for Accuracy - Technology for Speed

Dingtech transcriptions are 100% human-powered to provide you with the most accurate and efficient transcription services.


Voice recognition technology can never understand context, differentiate between homonyms, or recognize accents. This is where the power of our human transcriptionists lies, and it’s why they are the backbone of our efficient transcription services.


as a technology-driven company, we invest in the latest applications and equipment that support our teams and help them deliver projects faster and more efficiently. This includes advanced playback transcription software. These tools enhance the quality of the audio, reducing any background noise. This accelerates our workflow and allows us to deliver your projects exactly when you need them, no matter the size of the project.



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