5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Translation Services



How Professional Translation Services Help Your Company Follow Regulations, Satisfy Customers, and Do Business in Foreign Countries

In today’s globalized economy, more companies than ever are spreading their business across borders. Over 65% of the Fortune 500 operate in more than one country, along with a growing number of small-and-medium companies doing business across borders. International operations offer strategic opportunities, such as lowering production costs, broadening their talent pool, and improving access to foreign markets.

While many companies are excited about the opportunity of operating internationally, expanding to a new country is a commitment. Legal, regulatory, and marketing materials will need to be translated into the local language before operations can begin. A business translation service will help you prepare the necessary documents and communicate with a new audience.

Here are five reasons why companies should trust a professional translation service when doing business in a foreign country.

Foreign Language Legal Documentation

When doing business in a foreign country, legal paperwork needs to be available in the country’s official language. By not preparing foreign language legal documentation, your company is at risk for lawsuits and legal issues. Professional translators are essential when preparing forms, contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork.

·        Legal terms often have a precise meaning. Automated and amateur translation services may scramble the legal vocabulary or apply it inconsistently. Professional translators are mindful of these considerations and will work with you to use the correct legal terminology to ensure your documentation is accurate.

·        Consumer affairs is an essential part of any business. Many everyday customer interactions include legal paperwork, such as contracts, agreements, or forms. These documents may be legally invalid if they are not available in the local language. Work with a business translation service to compose any essential legal documentation.

·        Many countries require companies to create bank accounts with local banking institutions to do business within their borders. Local banking agencies will often require legal documentation to be in the official language to be accepted. 

Brand Visibility and Marketing Localization

Consumers buy from companies that they trust, and it is nearly impossible to build trust when you don’t speak the same language. Using a professional translation service to prepare high-quality product information in a foreign language shows you care about your customers and understand their needs. 

Using the amateur and automated translations in marketing materials can be a big mistake. Consumers are smart, and they can tell when a translation is low-quality, making your company look careless and out-of-touch. If you are making the effort to market in a foreign country, use a professional translator to make sure your message is on target.

Writing your website content in a foreign language also improves the chances you are found through Google or other search engines. A potential customer may be searching for your exact product or services. If your website does not match their language, you will miss their web traffic and their purchase. Professional translation services will help you capture that business by improving your searchability across multiple languages.

One of the most significant advantages of expanding to a foreign country is making deals with local companies. Whether you are looking for low-cost suppliers or high-value customers, an international expansion offers plenty of exciting possibilities.

Before you can take advantage of these business opportunities, you will need to use the local language. Bids, requests for proposals, contracts, and agreements must be translated when doing business internationally. Without translation support, your business opportunities may turn into dead-ends.

Professional business translation services are particularly critical when becoming established in a new region. Your company needs to network and develop relationships when setting up in a foreign country. Every company prefers to develop relationships with businesses that are reliable and professional. 

Poor quality translations create an impression of a careless company that does not know what they are doing. Worst of all, miscommunication in an official document like a proposal or contract could lead to very costly problems. Professional translation services for business will help you avoid these issues and assist you in developing a solid reputation.

Professional Translation for Regulatory Paperwork

Part of doing business in a foreign country means following local laws and regulations. Errors in regulatory filings can lead to audits, fines, restrictions, or other problems. When preparing documents for submission to administration agencies, companies should work with translation experts to confirm that the correct information is included in the documentation. 

Professional translation of regulatory documentation ensures your paperwork is complete and accurate. A professional translation service will maximize the chance the submission is accepted by the administration agency and will help you develop a friendly relationship with local officials and regulators.

Being Precise, Professional, and Culturally Conscious in Your Communication

Precision and accuracy are critical when describing complex or technical products and services. Specific words may have a particular meaning or connotation within the specialized terminology of a field. An inadequate translation of technical information can be the source of miscommunication that leads to unhappy and frustrated customers. A professional translation service will help you avoid these problems.

Professional translators are experts in language and writing, but they are also knowledgeable about the culture. Often, the essence of a web page, video, or document goes beyond the meaning of the words. It is important to show excitement before a product launch or thoughtfulness when dealing with a serious matter. Professional translators will help you communicate these emotions and moods in a culturally conscious manner.

With a great translator, nothing should ever be “lost in translation”.

Communication is at the core of every business. Whether it is interacting with suppliers, partner companies administration institutions, or consumers, your company is represented by your words. Professional translation services help you meet legal requirements, develop business partnerships, and build relationships with your future customers. 

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