Why Is Multimedia Localization Important?



Have you ever see a business video that was in a language you don’t speak? Probably yes. What was your reaction? Did you try to make an extra effort and translate the video content?

That’s the route you probably decided to take if the content was of the utmost importance. But, if you were looking for a product or a service, did you risk a misunderstanding for using AI translation? Or did you just leave the video for a local competitor?

For companies expanding to global markets, business video localization isn’t easy. It’s essential if they want to make a good first impression in new locales.

In this post, we’ll analyze the impact of video localization in scaling businesses and why it’s important.

What is Voice Over?

voiceover can be used in multiple ways. For example, voiceover is used as internal means of communication for a character. To use a voice-over for the internal dialogue for the character is a decision of the filmmaker.

It can deliver the intended meaning of the character and can communicate directly with the audience and help to deliver character and story. In many cases, voiceover is used to translate dialogues that are delivered in a foreign language.

Sometimes, voiceover is used to translate dialogues in documentaries and while interviewing people who speak a foreign language. The voiceover is used with seconds behind the speaker to inform the audience about the subject before the camera. Dubbing and voiceover are different in terms of their noticeability.

Voiceover is used to convey creative storytelling and is mainly used in narrative films. The most effective dubbing is unnoticed by the audience. No matter if it is in a native tongue or it is replacing on-set sound, the good dubbing sounds familiar to the ear listening to it.

Why Voice Over Is Important?

Now that we have a clear idea of what voice-over means, let’s dive into why multimedia localization is important.

In order to obtain a positive commercial response, foreign customers need to be approached in their native tongue, with sensitivity to their culture and needs. Some marketers say that the way to the customers’ pocket is through their hearts. This joke is a perhaps blunt way to communicate an evidenced fact: People are most likely to buy from you if you treat them with care, respect, and intelligence.

Your website’s visitors will feel more comfortable in an environment that is familiar to them: as CSA research points out in their widely quoted study, more than 65% of internet users prefer websites in their native language. and video is the finishing touch of a website.

Wrapping Up

Also, translation is an important part of video voice over so if you want a translation of your dialogues in multiple languages and voice over them, then Dingtech is here for you. We have a team of native translators and voice talents that can provide impeccable translation and voice-over services in more than 180 languages. For more details, contact us.

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